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What is a crown?

A Crown is like a Motorcycle helmet for your tooth, imagine your head being a tooth & a cavity being a hole in your head. If the Hole in your head is small enough, they could just fill it. If you didn’t fill it in and grows too large for a filling then you would need a Motorcycle helmet to protect your head permanently.


Crown Treatment Dentistry in McAllen, TX

A dental crown is a cap placed on the top of the damaged teeth to cover, protect, and save the teeth from further damage. It also helps in restoring the shape of the teeth when filling does not solve the problem efficiently. Nowadays, the vital thing to consider is that getting a crown is not so much pain due to excess anesthetic and sedation are available dentistry practices.

The price of the crown depends upon the type being chosen, and the application fees also vary based on tooth decay condition.

Dental Crown Treatment in McAllen, TX

Do you need a crown?

The most common reason for a crown is to get rid of cavities. If your cavity is small enough the dentist will normally fill it. When the cavity is too big to fill your Dentist will generally recommend getting a crown to protect the tooth. The dentist visit may assure you whether you need a crown or go for any other suitable possibilities. Let have a look at general instances of having a crown are listed below:

  • Replacing a large filling lead to crown placement
  • Crown become necessary when a tooth is highly decaying and distorted due to cavity
  • A tooth that has undergone a root canal needs crown placement, especially for posterior teeth.
  • Many people prefer to opt for a crown to have the correct shape, size, and colour of teeth for aesthetics.
  • The crown technique is also used for covering the implant.

Dental Crown Placement in McAllen, TX

General Procedure involved in getting a crown

All Patients require custom made crowns. There are different crown placement techniques depending on the different types of crown. Let discuss the general procedure of getting a crown is as follows:

  • The dentist first prepares your teeth by cavity removal and root canal if needed
  • A dentist usually prepares the mold to get the correct crown fixation
  • A temporary restoration is used to avoid any damage until the crown is ready for preparation.
  • Special care is required for a temporary cap by eating soft food and avoiding hard, sticky foods.
  • The dentist secures the crown within a week-long with medications for pain relief.

Dental Crown Procedure in McAllen, TX

Types of crowns

There are many types of crowns available for different materials, costs, and procedures. Selection depends upon the requirement of the patient’s needs. The different kinds of crowns available in dentistry are as follows:

1.    Gold crowns

Gold crowns are made up of copper along with nickel and chromium. The advantages of this crown are strength and durability. The only drawback of this crown is sometimes causing infection and swelling if not suited to the patient.

2.    Porcelain crowns

The most popular type of crown that is used nowadays is the porcelain crowns. They are toxic free since using nonmetallic material. This crown type is widely used since its aesthetic is similar to natural teeth in shape, size, and colour. It is secure and gives a suitable aesthetic for front restorations.

3.    Porcelain fused to metal crowns

It is a widely used crown since it provides strength as well as aesthetics. The metal in this crown provides a grey line towards the gum line.

4.    Zirconia crowns

Zirconium is considering new material for the crown to provide extraordinary strength and aesthetic. The highly translucent factor provides versatility to this crown usage. The main side effect of this type of crown is difficult to fit the solid zirconium accurately.

5.    E- MAX: lithium crowns

The new crown introduced in dentistry is the E-MAX. It is the type of all-ceramic crowns and made up of Di-silicate which is highly thin and light. It provides the best choice for front and back teeth placement. They are quite expensive. Dental professionals are finding problems in installing these crowns in posterior allocation when some unit’s order is involved.

What is a Crown?

A crown is a long term restoration process that involves proper checkups with the dentist to avoid cavity built up underneath the crown, chipping or crown broken, and allergic discomfort issues. Usually composed of porcelain. According to the American Dental Association if you feel the crown instability issue, visit the dentist immediately by booking an appointment for better future concerns.