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Tooth Extractions

 Tooth extractions are the process of removing teeth in a safe, effective way. The complete removal of a tooth from its jawbone socket is often done to treat an infection, excessive tooth decay, or overcrowding. Our expert team at Dental Park in McAllen, TX, offers after tooth extractions care tips to help you recover quickly from an extraction. Our comprehensive family dental services, including after tooth extractions care, ensure you’ll get back to an active lifestyle as soon as possible. Contact our team today if you have any questions about your aftercare treatment.

Aftercare For A Tooth Extraction – Day One

Aftercare for an extracted tooth will depend on a few different factors. Some teeth have deeper roots and take a longer time to heal. The most important thing about taking care of yourself after a tooth extraction is to maintain the blood clot that forms in your tooth socket. This will help prevent painful dry sockets. The first day of aftercare involves rest and relaxation as you allow the blood clot to form. A low level of bleeding is normal, so you may need to change the gauze as necessary.

Aftercare For A Tooth Extraction – First Few Days

You should start to feel better each day following a tooth extraction. It’s important to get as much rest as possible to allow your mouth to heal. The most important thing to remember is to resist rinsing or gargling while the area is clotting. If needed, take pain relievers to help inflammation and reduce pain. You should continue to brush and floss but take extra caution to avoid the extracted tooth not to knock out the clot.

Do’s Following A Tooth Extraction

Do these activities to help your mouth heal:

  • Do bite firmly on your gauze to control bleeding.
  • Do put an ice pack on your mouth to minimize swelling.
  • Do eat soft foods and snacks, and drink plenty of liquids.
  • Do routine saline rinses to help kill bacteria and prevent infections.

Don’ts Following A Tooth Extraction

Avoid these activities to help the healing process:

  • Don’t drink with a straw or you risk dislodging the blood clot.
  • Don’t smoke because it can cause a painful tooth socket or break down your blood clot.
  • Don’t drink hot liquids as they may increase swelling.
  • Don’t eat food that requires much chewing.

Aftercare Tooth Extractions Emergency Situations

Call us immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • Severe pain the day after your tooth extraction
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Worsened swelling
  • Development of itches or rashes after your medicine

Choose the Area’s Preferred Dentist for Tooth Extraction Care Tips

Our compassionate dental professionals, led by Dr. Jo and Dr. Park, help ensure your recovery process is quick and easy following a tooth extraction. We understand swelling and pain can interrupt your daily activities., You should notice a reduction in your swelling, redness, and tenderness if you follow our easy tips. We provide a comfortable environment for adults and children receiving dental treatment. You’ll always leave our office with a bright smile and a fresh mouth. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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