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What is Root Canal

A Root Canal is a treatment Performed at Dental Park to remove bacteria from the tooth. The process prevents the infections of the tooth and saves the natural tooth. The first step involves removing the inflamed or infected area, and then the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned, filled, disinfected, and sealed.

Dental Park recommends a root canal as it is considered a safe and efficient method of relieving discomfort. No doubt, a root canal is the best option for saving the natural tooth from further decay. This procedure is commonly used throughout the world to save natural teeth. A patient recover within a day and eats and chews quickly without any discomfort after the root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment in McAllen, TX

Is A Root Canal Painful?

Prior to a root canal treatment, The Dentist will administer anesthesia to prevent pain through the treatment. After the procedure you might experience a bit of soreness. In some cases discomfort can last up to a week after getting treated.

Advantages of Root Canal:

Saving teeth through root canal treatment consists of various advantages.

  • It strengthens the tooth.
  • It gives the same aesthetic as that of a natural tooth
  • Helps in protecting other teeth from wear and strain

Is Root Canal Cost-Effective?

Dental Park Prides itself in making the costly procedure as cost-effective as possible and root canal cost varies on the infection’s seriousness, what tooth is infected and the dental insurance coverage cost. If you would like a personalized quote call the Dental Park Offices at (956)540-7825 and schedule a consultation to get a personalized quote.

Dental Crown Treatment in McAllen, TX

How Do You Know if you Need Root Canal?

The need for a root canal can occur for a variety of reasons. If you are experiencing more than 1 of the symptoms listed below we highly encourage you to contact Dental Park at (956)540-7825

  • A pimple develops on the gums.
  • A person may experience severe pain during chewing and biting.
  • If a tooth is chipped or cracked.
  • The deep decay of the gums
  • Severe pain remains after exposure to hot and cold foods.